At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we teach the unique discipline of Kokuryu. No, that’s not a mistype of “karate,” it’s a unique fighting style that’s an amalgamation of several different disciplines. You won’t find many results when you search for Kokuryu instructors, because it’s a unique art that’s often informed by the personal experiences and combat training of its instructor.

Here at Black Dragon Martial Arts, our head instructor, Dallas Michaels (known as Renshi Michaels here in the dojo), has implemented a variety of military tactics, adding in such practices such as Close Quarter Combat, weapons training/disarming, and critical offense/defense. However, Black Dragon isn’t the only place where Dallas Michaels teaches these skills — did you know that he also has a contract with the FBI to teach these skills in special training seminars?

Indeed, due to his prestigious military experience, Dallas Michaels has extensive experience in actual combat, and it’s his passion to teach these skills to as many people as possible — oftentimes endorsed directly by the FBI. Here is what you need to know about Dallas Michaels’ FBI work.

Dallas Michaels and ALICE Training for the FBI

At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we believe strongly in the principle of teaching practical self-defense. It is cool and flashy to be able to learn fancy forms and stylistic fighting moves, but make no mistake — a lot of the stuff you learn at typical dojos isn’t taught with real-world self-defense in mind. But as someone with real-world experience, Dallas Michaels, our head instructor, believes in training that will be useful and relevant in actual emergencies.

That’s why Dallas is an avid ALICE instructor. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training prepares people for active shooter scenarios. While we sincerely hope that any of our students will never be in a position where they have to put this training to use, the unfortunate reality is that gun violence is all too real. And, even worse, it can happen anywhere; schools, churches, business centers — you never know.

Because gun violence often occurs in places that are normally expected to be safe, the government makes it a priority for all kinds of citizens to get ALICE Training, and they will often contract qualified instructors such as Dallas Michaels to do the training. This is something he does on a regular basis — when Renshi Michaels isn’t at Black Dragon, you might find him at a school, government building, or office teaching these practical self-defense skills.

Advanced Self-Defense Training

Aside from ALICE seminars, which he teaches with and without the FBI, Dallas Michaels has also had FBI contracts teaching advanced self-defense training. Here are some of the skills he has taught in this capacity:

  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
  • Restraining Suspects
  • Takedown Tactics
  • Unarmed Weapon Defenses

Respecting the Badge

Due to his partnership with the FBI, it’s not uncommon that Dallas Michaels will be seen with a gun and a badge. But do not be alarmed — he wears both of these with the respect they deserve and require. Dallas Michaels has never impersonated an FBI officer, nor used his authority for fraudulent or deceptive practices.

Honesty and integrity are two mainstays of the martial arts we teach here at Black Dragon, and it’d be a disservice to our name if our head instructor threw them by the wayside. Whether he’s wearing a badge or not, there’s one thing you can always expect from Dallas Michaels — a sincere and authentic desire to teach people how to defend themselves in real-world scenarios. Do you have any more questions about Renshi Michaels or our program in general? Be sure to contact us today.