There is so much to gain from learning martial arts, and so little to lose. At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we have seen countless students grow in tremendous ways through participating in our Kokuryu curriculum. Physical fitness, self-discipline, and mental awareness are all improved through the regular practice of martial arts — through the Bushido Code, you will slowly build yourself up into a better person in every single way.

At Black Dragon, we don’t teach flashy martial arts that are just for show — our program consists of practical self-defense skills that can be applied in the real world, and our curriculum is the same for every student, regardless of age or gender.

Our standard program includes a minimum six-month enrollment, with lower rates if you choose to go with a longer membership. But don’t worry, if you find that Kokuryu just isn’t for you, we offer a 30-day guarantee, allowing you to opt out of the program during that time period if it’s not to your satisfaction.

However, we have great confidence in our program, and we know you’ll find something to love if you give it a chance. Not only that, but we also offer other programs that focus on weight-loss, tumbling, dancing, and more. Ready to begin your martial arts journey? Click here to get started!