At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we firmly believe that martial arts isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. While some people are content to come to classes every week and not think of it much more outside of that, the reality is that there are countless benefits to learning martial arts, which can enhance your life in many ways outside of the dojo.

At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we teach Kokuryu, a relatively new form of martial arts that’s amalgamated from various Japanese styles. We know that there is a lot to gain from learning Kokuryu, and in this first blog post, we’ll look at some reasons why our martial arts program can be a major boon to your life.

It Teaches Practical Self Defense

In an ideal world, you’d never have to use self defense skills in a real setting. Harming other people should always be a last resort, but sometimes the unexpected can happen and you may just need to defend yourself. By learning Kokuryu and other martial arts, you can be ready if the worst should happen.

Children can benefit from being able to stand up against themselves, and our classes are also popular with women, as it provides a little more peace-of-mind when they’re out in public alone. Overall, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from learning some self defense skills.

It Keeps You Fit and Active

Today’s generations are at more risk of chronic unhealthiness and obesity than any other who has come before. We live highly sedentary lifestyles. Even working adults who make it a point to be active at home may be stuck in tedious office jobs that have them sitting at a chair all day in front of a screen.

It’s more important now than it ever has been to have hobbies that can keep you in shape. As it turns out, martial arts is perfect for this. Kokuryu tests your body in many ways — as you improve your punching and kicking technique you’ll improve your flexibility, and we regularly have conditioning exercises to ensure you’re always building yourself up.

It Provides Community

While most people don’t go into martial arts with the express purpose of making new friends, it’s definitely something that happens on the regular with our students. There’s a sense of community that comes from martial arts, especially for students who advance through their training alongside each other.

It’s never a bad thing to make new friends as an adult, given that it can be hard to meet new people under regular circumstances. Meanwhile, children benefit greatly from having peers who are interested in the same hobbies and passions in them. No matter what age you are, there’s a good chance to meet some amazing people at Black Dragon Martial Arts!

Kokuryo Martial Arts Classes in the East Valley

Looking for an amazing martial arts dojo in the East Valley area? Kokuryo is a unique martial arts style that’s unlike most others taught in the area, and you’ll love coming to our classes and honing your self defense skills. Want to learn more about our dojo? Contact us today!