Welcome to Black Dragon Martial Arts. We offer the most comprehensive study of martial arts in the East Valley, with our focus being on Kokuryu. We are also proud to offer other programs including fitness, dancing, gymnastics, tumbling, and weight loss. If you have goals for personal development, whether they’re physical, mental, or both, we can help you find the right path.

Our classes are designed to teach the same level of skills and practical knowledge in martial arts, regardless of age. We offer youth classes for ages 6-12 and adult classes for ages 13 and up. We believe our approach will effectively train you for self defense, while building the character and discipline that will help you in every aspect of life.

When it comes to choosing the right martial arts training center, you want to find one that will effectively train you. Our core principles and beliefs help ensure you will learn skills and techniques that far exceed those taught at other schools.  From women’s self defense to becoming bully-proof, our mission is to help you achieve your martial arts goals.

If you are looking to learn self defense, develop self-discipline, gain more confidence, build character, and enjoy improved fitness, our programs are an excellent place to start.

Contact us today to get started on bettering yourself both physically and mentally.